Friday, September 19, 2008

Girl Food

I love girl food.

So, does The Kitchen Madonna.

Men everywhere are confronted with girl food. They try and escape it with triple decker hamburgers, barbecue, and beer. They ignore it with raw kibi, lamb kabobs, and Turkish coffee. They thumb their nose by eating blood sausage, meaty oily olives, and glasses of Tio Pepe. They don't even ask why we do it, just that they don't have to do it....

Girls like light foods. Tomato aspic if you are from the South and have an old fashioned streak. Quiche if you came of age in the 1980's. Lobster salad will work just about anytime. Same goes for chicken salad made with purple grapes, pecans and dill weed served with a plate of fresh and dizzyingly varied fruit. And who can argue that squash casserole does not fit into the girl-food paradigm? How about slices of pineapple on a chilled iceberg lettuce with grated cheddar cheese and mayonnaise - preferably homemade and if there is a kitchen madonna about? Let's go on and make the sweeping conclusion that girl food is a cross- cultural phenomenon, and it will not go away. I bet Rachel and her Hebrew sisters had it in their red tent thousands of years ago.

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SKELLER said...

I especially enjoy "girl" food when in the midst of a group of girl friends...

Thanks for visiting my blog today thru BATW :-),

maryanne420 said...

Hi Gombojav,

I love your blog! Thank you for stopping by mine. Can I just tell you that my mouth is watering as I look at all the pics of the yummy food you posted! I am salivating.

bettyl said...

Yummy!! I will definitely give these a try!
Thanks for stopping by