Monday, September 8, 2008

The Importance of Food

"Food is our common ground,
a universal experience."
- James Beard


Jen said...

Amen! You and I share a similar passion. It is my dream to be a chef someday too. Your food is beautiful and very creative. I am so impressed that you can do this with 5 kids, soon to be 6. You must have the most amazing kids ever.
It was really nice to meet you. Thanks for coming over. I am glad.

Veggie Mom said...

So true, isn't it? I'm hosting Recipe Week thru Sunday, so please come by and see what else is cookin'!

Domestic Executive said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog on the BATW tour of New Zealand. I love food too and I'm so looking forward to getting closer to the food we eat by growing and raising it here at Domestic Executive HQ. Our first step has been getting chickens. You can' beat fresh eggs laid in your own back yard.