Friday, November 23, 2012

Stay-At-Home Friday

When it comes to Black Friday, I'm a conscientious objector.

The Friday after Thanksgiving should begin late, after a deep turkey tryptophan induced sleep that makes you sleep in.

Then comes a few cups of coffee and pie as you sit around in your robe a little too long.  Then the kids should spend a lot of time outside and friends stop by to say hello and to eat a little turkey and drink a little wine.

Gana and our friend Sean eating pie directing from the pans on our back porch.
And that's how it's done!

If the Lord opens the door for some do-gooding, you should be busy blessing others, too.

The Friday after Thanksgiving is for living in the afterglow of the gratefulness and contentment we fostered on Thursday.  If you did Thanksgiving right (meaning you focused on all your abundant blessings and how you have more than you deserve and could possibly need and how the Lord has provided so much that your heart is literally overflowing with grace) than I don't see how it's possible to stand in line to fight, elbow, push and swear your way to a 40-inch on sale at a big box electronic store.

Call me crazy.

Leftover Quinoa Stuffing and Pumpkin Dinner Roll for lunch

The Day After Thanksgiving Panini:  Turkey, Cranberry Sauce, Arugula, and Fontina

It was a beautiful day.  A perfect Black Stay-At-Home Friday.


THE Princess Bombshell* said...

Our day was beautiful too. We didn't leave until evening...and that was to go to community downtown lighting of the city park, then to dinner with friends. Sweet.

Starr said...

YES! Conscientious objector here too. So absurd.

We too had friends over instead and it was a LOVELY day!

Anonymous said...

What amazing photos! Love your description of the day after Thanksgiving.