Saturday, December 17, 2011

Chia Pudding

I'm a little late to the chia party.  All the health conscious people I know have been recommending chia seeds for a while.  I finally tried them recently.  Guess what?  I'm in love.  They go in our morning oatmeal daily.  they get sprinkled in and on top of bread.  They get tossed into smoothies.

Today I debuted them for dessert!  

Actually, Meg made this by herself.

Chia Pudding
(enough for our crowd!)

1 1/2 cups organic black chia seeds
about six cups unsweetened almond milk
sugar to taste
about 2 teaspoons vanilla
pinch of salt

Put all ingredients in a bowl and whisk together.  Let it set for about 45 minutes, stirring every five minutes or so.  This will thicken by itself.  It will be sort of like tapioca pudding.

Top with fresh whipped cream.

Can dessert be healthy?  I say "Yes!"


Alexandra Strauss said...

I was just watching a youtube vid about this.. and while I wanted to try it, it felt too... I dunno.. "out there". Like if I made it, no one would eat it, lol. Now that I have Meg's pic to prove that its yummy, I wanna make some! Where do you buy your chia seeds?

Gombojav Tribe said...

I bought them in bulk through Azure, a natural food co-op.

But, I know you can get them at Whole Foods.

I'll warn you, the second or third day the texture is especially gelatinous. So, enjoy them right away. LOL! Meg had a little trouble eating the leftover pudding today, because texture is a big deal for her.