Thursday, January 20, 2011

Veggie Burgers

Veggie Burger with all the fixin's
Homemade baked fries
I roughly used the recipe from here: Ultimate Veggie Burger.  But, instead of stuffing the veggie burger, we put it on a bun and dressed it like a regular burger.  Served it up with some potato wedges baked with olive oil and sea salt.  Also made the buns from scratch using Laine's French Bread recipe.

These were so good that even the kids devoured them and have asked me to make them again!  Score one for Mommy! 


Lady Dorothy said...

Looks delicious and well presented!

Tiffiney said...

oh yum...I sooo love a good veggie burger! this looks soo good....

Hey girl...thank you for stopping by my blog the other has been sooo long since I have read blogs and I hardly even write in mine anymore...I just post pics..I know I need to update more..but life is so crazy right now...I so miss all my bloggy friends...I hope you and your family are doing well...but I am guessing if you are cooking like this all the are all doing just fine! ;o)