Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Picnics

We spent 10 days in Europe--France and Italy to be exact.  As everyone knows, two things are true of Europe.  1) It's expensive.  2) The food is wonderful. 

Our answer to these two things is PICNICS!  First thing in the morning we'd go to a little market or shops and buy the fixin's.  Wonderfully authentic things like cheese, sausage, fresh bread, fresh pesto, local wines or beer.  After a busy morning of sightseeing when we were ready for lunch, we'd find a spot (from the edge of the Seine, to a courtyard of an old church) and have a picnic!  (Thanks to Rick Steves, we took a few essential picnic supplies with us: small tablecloth, cups, knife/corkscrew/bottle opener, salt and pepper, forks.)  It saved a lot of money and really, how can anything beat a perfect picnic?!

Details of the trip are on the Family Blog.  But, here is a visual taste of the best, tastiest and most romantic picnics you've ever seen.  Please don't drool on your keyboard.


Karen Joy said...

Oh, that is so lovely!!!!! If/when my hubby and I travel to Europe, I will certainly remember this!! (Been to Scotland twice, both times in winter, for ministry trips. So, technically, I've been to Europe, but not really.)

THE Princess Bombshell* said...

Joy said...

What a great idea to take some picnic supplies along. Your picnic looks yummy.
Thanks for sharing it.
♥ Joy

Squaw Creek Ranch said...

Hello, you do not know me, but you came to my blog because Hiedi(??) suggested you come to MY blog upon which you commented and I came to YOUR blog. I love meeting new people. This post about killed me, it looks soooooo dreamy and heavenly. I MUST put something together like this and pull it off this summer with my hubby. I *slmost* coveted the post....o.k., I did a little. Nice *meeting* you.