Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy National Donut Day!

Today being Donut Day, we made homemade cake donuts.  I ate five.  Not proud of that, I'm just saying.


Sheri said...

Okay, so why didn't I know about this day????

Joshswife said...

Such a fun holiday. The place we get donuts donated money to the Salvation Army, when you buy a dozen.

The Salvation Army started the holiday in 1938, and I loved reading the history on the day!

Fun...and 5? Wow! ;) It's a time for feasting!!!

Lady Dorothy said...

Five? That's the way to celebrate!

Joy said...

Those look good.
Hey one can say you slighted the one day a year the donut gets its due.
♥ Joy

Andrea said...

If I ate 5 cake donuts I'd be up at least 4 lbs. My pants would be tight, my legs themselves would feel tight, and I definitely would not ever observe Donut Day again. *lol* So see...some of us can't afford to "enjoy food" quite so much. *ha-ha* But I'm sure happy you can, Daja. Have fun! <3

Gombojav Tribe said...

Well, not that it makes it so much better, but they were made with whole wheat flour. So, at least I got my fiber for the day! LOL

I do NOT eat like that everyday or I'm sure my pants would not fit either!