Friday, March 7, 2008

Last Night's Cell Leaders Meeting

Greek Sausages



Spinach Feta Pie


Leona said...

HEY are you going to post the recipes!! YUMMMMMY I always LOVE to eat and SEE:( your food.... NOW Im STARVING, and its almost midnight!!!!THANKS:)

Starr said...

Wow. Gorgeous. I think one of the most beautiful places to visit is the Farmer's Market! All that color! Unfortunately, that's where my passion stops. Looking at and eating food - haven't found the cooking passion yet. Post some recipes so I can find my passion!

MaryBeth said...

Yum, wish you could have a tasting blog. Oh and I second Leona and Starr (guess that makes it third!) Congradulations on your new project.

Gombojav Tribe said...

OK, Ladies! I will post these recipes in the future. After the meeting I lent my Greek cookbook to one of the ladies who wanted to try some of the recipes. :-)

Alicia said...

I love tabouli!
Trader Joes has a Spinach Feta pie that my husband and I love. It looks just like that. I would love that receipe.
Your food blog is beautiful!

ClaireBoe said...

YUMMY!!!! OOooooooo, I love the new blog, Gombojav!!!!! :-)

amy k* said...


I'm salivating. It ALL looks so delish!

And the post-birth meal....makes me wanna have babies just so you can come make me something so special! lol

I love the new blog! I'll be a constant visitor!!!

Flo Oakes said...

We love to make greek food!
It's one of our favs.
Everything you made looks amazing and tasty!
And I wholeheartedly approve of the "Gomboblog" of course. Love it.

Tamera - TJ said...

Daja, You are so talented in this area. I'm so happy you are finding a way to use your creativity. I'll for sure be using some of your recipes. :)